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Dear Friend,

Chances are you have heard of the wildly popular app game “Angry Birds”.  Over 12 million copies of the game have been sold through the Apple App Store.

As a customer, I love the game.  It’s fun, challenging and addictive.  It’s also extremely well done in every aspect from graphics to functionality to creativity.  At a mere 99¢, it’s a steal.

Over 12 million copies sold at 99¢ each.  You do the math.

Angry Birds = happy developers.

Rovio Mobile, the developer of Angry Birds, by now has learned a valuable business lesson that I’m going to share with you that has huge implications on how much money you can make and how quickly you can make it.

Here’s the lesson:

Satisfied customers become repeat customers
and they become reproductive customers.

In business, this is where significant profit is generated.

  1. Satisfied customers become repeat customers.  If you offer a quality product that pleases your customer, they are going to buy from you again.  It is much easier to sell to an existing, satisfied customer than it is to go find a new customer.

  2. Satisfied customers become reproductive customers.  Not only will satisfied customers spend more money with you, they will also encourage other people to do the same.  In other words, they will tell other people about your offers.

Take Angry Birds, for example.  I loved the game.  I thought it was a great buy at 99¢.  When Angry Birds Seasons was released, I bought it too.  After that, I bought Angry Birds Rio.  Then, Angry Birds Space was released.

I became a repeat customer.

That's not all. Many of my friends and family members heard these words from me, “Have you played Angry Birds?  It’s awesome!  Once I got started playing, I couldn’t stop.

I became a reproductive customer. 

I did part of their marketing for them.  I generated new customers simply because I was a satisfied customer.

And I wasn’t the only one.  Those tiny 99¢ sales started quickly growing exponentially.

The Key To Quickly Getting Started
Towards Your Own Exponential Sales Is...

...selling inexpensive items that leave your customers satisfied so they become repeat customers and reproductive customers. That's the business model I want to teach you.

You may be thinking, "Yeah, sounds great ... but I'm not app developer!"

You don't need to be. All you need to be able to do is write tiny, 7-15 page reports that you sell for $7.00 each.

The idea is simple:

Write a 7-15 page report that your customers love.

Encourage them to tell others about your report.

Write additional 7-15 page RELATED reports.

Over a period of a year you should be able to have DOZENS of small reports written that your customers can buy and tell others to buy.

Each of them less than 15 pages in length.

I'm not talking about writing a book that sells at bookstores. Nor self-publishing a manual through direct mail. Nor creating a full-length information product. Nor even writing a 50-75 page eBook.

I'm talking about writing tiny, 7-15 page small reports that sell like crazy. Small reports about virtually anything...

  • Homeschooling
  • Madden® Football
  • Fishing
  • Playing Golf
  • Restoring Mustangs
  • Youth ministry
  • Marriage
  • Small Business
  • Teaching Sunday School
  • Skincare
  • Paintball
  • Retirement
  • Living with M.S.
  • Overcoming Addiction
  • Fundraising
  • Discount Travel

And none of them has to be any longer than a mere 15 pages. Child's play, right? You can write 15 pages in your sleep - even if you're not a "writer". If you're looking for a good way to make money on the Internet that really does work, then let me explain my completely unique approach to "small reports" marketing.


The Backbone Of Any Successful
Business Is "Multiple Sales"

No one stays in business from one sale. Even the most luxurious items in the world can not sustain a business for the long-term with just one sale.

Every business needs "multiple sales". Just like we talked about earlier, this comes through repeat business and referred business. It comes through customers buying again and again while simultaneously telling their friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to do the same.

Think back to the Angry Birds brand for just a moment. Look at just a few ways the "low cost" business model works to rake in a lot of money...

  1. Sales of the Angry Birds app.  As I said earlier, over 12 million copies have been sold.  That’s an impressive amount of sales for something that costs less than a buck to buy.  Factor in an HD Ipad version, Android versions, and PC versions and you’ve got even more profit coming in.

  2. Sales of spinoffs of the Angry Birds app.  This is pure genius – if you love the original game, why wouldn’t you want different “themes” and new levels of challenge?  It’s little wonder that many customers have bought one or more of the spinoffs:  Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space.  Yes, these are also available in other versions like the original.  Cha-ching!

  3. Sales of Angry Birds merchandise.  The franchise isn’t limited to just apps.  Angry Birds are featured on a variety of merchandise like:  bags and lunch boxes, plush stuffed animals,  iPad, iPod and iPhone cases, magnets, keychains, pillows, cereal and more.  And I’m guessing that the developer isn’t doing anything to produce these … just collecting royalties from the brand.

It's all reasonably priced, low-cost stuff. Yet because customers buy over and over again - and tell others about it - it grows the profit.

Sidebar: Think about how the products themselves even indirectly promote the brand... Matthew wears an Angry Birds t-shirt. Jacob says, "I love that shirt, where did you get it?" Matthew tells him. Jacob buys it. Angry Birds didn't spent a penny on advertising to get the new customer. In fact, they got PAID to get the new customer because Matthew originally bought the shirt.

This same model is easily transferred to the small reports business.

One tiny 7-15 page report leads to...

  • Another tiny 7-15 page report on a related topic.

  • And then yet another.

  • A bundle of several tiny reports at a higher price.

  • A spinoff version of the report.

  • A "part two" of the report.

  • A full-length product consisting of several reports.

  • Licensing of the report.

Let me show you an example of how this might look in real life so you can better understand how tiny 7-15 page reports can turn into a very nice income generator...

Case Study: Weight Loss

Let's suppose you write an initial 12 page report entitled, "How To Lose 10 Pounds In 10 Days". You sell it for $7.00. Here are some ideas for spiralling that single report into an ever-growing business...

  • You could write another tiny report on a related topic like, "How To Walk Off 10 Pounds", "7 Ways To Raising Your Metabolism", "Eat Out, Don't Pig Out - The Simple Way To Stay On Track", "Home Run Recipes", etc. These each are related to the original report, but are on different topics (exercise, metabolism, dining out, recipes.)

  • Instead of just writing ONE of the above mentioned "related" reports ... you write them all. And others just like them. They all sell for $7.00 each.

  • Take 5 of your reports and put them into a bundle that you sell for a special price of $27.00 per order. Because the price is higher you now need fewer customers to reach a significant amount of income.

  • It's easy to do "spinoff" versions too. "How To Lose 10 Pounds In 10 Days" can easily become, "The Senior Citizen's Guide To Losing 10 Pounds", "Christian Weight Loss Plan For Dropping 10 Pounds", "The Busy Mom's Way To Shed Weight Fast", "Weight Loss For Beginners", etc.

  • Don't forget about a "part two" of any of your reports. "7 Ways To Raise Your Metabolism" can birth "7 More Ways To Raise Your Metabolism". "Weight Loss For Beginners" can lead to "Advanced Weight Loss". "The Busy Mom's Way To Shed Weight Fast" can lead to the follow-up, "The Busy Mom's Way To Keep Weight Off."

  • How about compiling 10 of your reports into one product (think of them as 10 "chapters" of the product) and sell it for $67? Those tiny reports are now pulling in $67 per order!

  • A way to significantly jumpstart your income is to offer "resale rights" to your report. That is, you sell a license to your report so other people can sell your report at their site for 100% of every sale they make. They pay you a premium for this license. You might charge $27 for a license to a $7 report or $197.00 for a license to a $67 bundle of reports!

And, remember, since these are all digital, they cost ZERO to reproduce. Customers buy them online, click on a link and the ebook is transferred to their computer to read.

Write the report once and sell
it an unlimited amount of times!

I've been selling small reports like these on the Internet for almost 12 years! That's what I do for a living. I've made a full-time living for well over a decade doing exactly what I've described to you so far.

And now I'm teaching others how to write and sell small, 7-15 page reports.

Announcing: Small Reports Revelation

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  • The biggest mistake people make in selling small reports and how you can avoid it to get repeat business from the same set of customers. This one thing alone will prevent you from "leaving money on the table" that could easily be yours!

  • A completely free website that you can use to pinpoint exactly what kind of small reports people want to buy before you even write a single word...this simple step lets you create reports that are red-hot and in-demand!

  • A great overview introduction to the small reports business model to "test drive" the idea before deciding if it's for you. Learn what it's all about, the basic idea of how it works and some simple examples without investing a lot of money!

That's what Small Reports Revelation is all about ... introducing you to the world of writing and selling 7-15 page reports. It is not a "how to" guide, nor is it an encyclopedia explaining everything you need to know about the business.

Sidebar: If you're looking for a "deluxe, tell all" course on the subject, Click Here to read about Small Reports Fortune.

Small Reports Revelation is simply a meaty report that reveals the core concept and fundamental steps in brief form to see if you feel like it's something you'd like to do.

Small Reports Revelation is 24 pages long.

(It's a bit longer than the usual 7-15 pages ...
which is why I sell it for $9.97 instead of $7.00)

You can probably read it over lunch. It's written in an easy-to-understand style that I'm well known for. By the way...

I'm Not Just The Author, I'm Also A Client

Remember the "Hair Club for Men" commercials? The president of the company makes the statement, "I'm not just the president, I'm also a client" meaning that he uses the product himself.

That applies to me. (No, not the Hair Club membership - although I could certainly use it. :) I didn't just write Small Reports Revelation, I actually follow the same model myself. And I have been following it for about 12 years.

In fact, if you've been paying attention, you'll see that that Small Reports Revelation itself IS a small report! I definitely practice what I preach, so to speak.

Now, I know you're probably asking yourself the question: "Why is he selling this report for just $9.97?"

Here's the thing: I want you to become a repeat customer and a reproductive customer.

That's it. I want Small Reports Revelation to be the first of several purchases that you make with me over time. And I want you to tell others about my products.

I've been making a full-time living online for more than a decade. You can Google my name ("Jimmy D. Brown") to see that I have a stellar reputation with tens of thousands of paying customers.

I want you to become one of them.

It's that simple.

There's only one thing left to do...

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